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Meet Nicole Lewis!

November 17, 2018

Nicole Lewis is a Belmont student helping Biff Bangs Productions this winter. She is majoring in social media marketing and branding, and she’s putting her experience to work with our artists. Here she is on a photo adventure with Mackenzie Morgan, creating great content for MAC’s various platforms. Visit them on Instagram, mackenziemmusic and nicolelewis_.

Nicole is also working with our other artists, so check ’em out on Instagram!

Kristi Hoopes

Aly Cutter

Sahara Rain



Nicole Lewis and Mackenzie Morgan


Aly Cutter

April 20, 2018

Aly Cutter and I wrote a song today – we have had two writing sessions and finished two songs, and that doesn’t always happen, you know… She’ll be singing “Karma” tomorrow night at George Jones off 2nd Avenue and I think you’d enjoy the show! I played on a bit of her music when Kenny Beard (KB) was producing, and she made a big believer out of me. Honest and real, the kind of artist we all want to support.



Alexa doesn’t know my name

April 17, 2018

I’ve been trying to find my album, “Sounds of Time”, on Amazon in the CD and vinyl section. Not there… and I’ve asked Alexa to play it and she just plays dumb. It’s available in the mp3 streaming department but I have a lot of family, friends and fans that want the hardware. So I’m reaching out to find the answer, also promoting the software here!

“Sounds of Time”




April 16, 2018

So I haven’t written anything in 9 years! Give me a moment and I’ll start back up again, just gotta get this technology working for me…