H.R. 4706

April 26, 2018

Better known as The Music Modernization Act of 2018. I downloaded the pdf and it’s over 100 pages long, but there’s an overview that you can download here. By all accounts it’s a really good thing – my musician, songwriter, publisher and label friends all feel that way, and I’m excited about it! We in the music industry have been crippled ever since the digital world made music so easy to share…freely. We want music to be available but in order to make good music we have to be compensated, and this Act will level the playing field. There have been many scenarios about what the world would be like without music, but you know personally what it means to you, so just think about the songs you love to hear and realize they wouldn’t exist if someone couldn’t afford to make them.

It’s remarkable that this legislation passed UNANIMOUSLY! 415 votes in the House.

COME ON! That just hardly ever happens!


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